Fiona Laryn - Osteopath D.O. MSc. (UK)

My journey into Osteopathic Medicine began with 5 years of full time study at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Milan, Italy, where I obtained my D.O. During part of this time I carried out my Master of Science in Osteopathy at NESCOT (University of Surrey) in London. 

The practical aspect of my osteopathic studies consisted in 3 years of apprenticeship at the ICOM Clinic, as well as working with teams from various sports ranging from rugby to soccer, and wakeboarding, 

snowboarding and skiing athletes.

After having worked for a short time in my own Osteopathic studio in Milan I moved to Queenstown, New Zealand where I have opened my studio Laryn Osteopathy.I continue to collaborate and maintain a strong relationship with my Osteopathic colleagues and other healthcare practitioners in Italy in order to promote and share knowledge on Osteopathy and obtain the best possible results for each patient.


Bianca Coutts - D.O. M.Ost.

I come from a family of health care practitioners so I think it was inevitable I would take a similar path. Osteopathy appealed to me because of the holistic, patient-centred approach that I saw. My training consisted of five years of fulltime study at Unitec in Auckland, coming out of this with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Osteopathy. 

I have spent the last two years working as an osteopath in my home town, Whangarei. The clinic in Whangarei is a family orientated one with a large range of patients coming through the doors including athletes, school children, farmers and elderly. I have a strong interest in sports and performance with a personal background in soccer, tennis and showjumping. I enjoy helping people get back up and running following injury and working with them to ensure prevention in the future. 

I am always working to further my skills through attending courses and collaboration with both osteopaths and other health care professionals and specialists. I’m really excited to begin a new chapter in beautiful Queenstown, working alongside Fiona. 



"I have seen Fiona for several sessions to recover from a back injury. I cannot recommend Fiona's knowledge and attitude enough. Over the course of my treatments i have regained full mobility and comfort and am now ready to hit the slopes again. Highly recommend for any injury, big or small".

—  James H, Snowboarding Instructor

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