What can I achieve through online Osteopathy and Acupuncture treatments?

- During your session you will be able to discuss what ailments you are feeling. Our practitioners collect a full case history and then guide you towards understanding what the cause of your pain or discomfort through an examination before commencing treatment

- Our Osteopaths, Fiona and Bianca use part of the Osteopathic Examination and various tests to individuate what treatment techniques or exercises need to be done to manage your condition. We have a wide amount of resources available to teach safe muscular-skeletal and visceral techniques virtually, as well as self-care packs to send out to you which include K-tape, elastic bands and personalised exercise routines for more rehab based and/or muscular and joint pain appointments.

Our Acupuncturist, Daisuke uses oriental medicine, acupressure and meridian lines knowledge to guide patients through the treatment. We have Acupuncture self-treatment packs which consist of Moxa (40 pieces) and Acupuncture patches (5 pieces). You will be guided by Daisuke to use Acupressure and Moxa to perform the treatment in a safe and effective way.

- We have also linked up with an online rehabilitation service in order to provide you with custom made rehabilitation programme to suit your needs.








What conditions can be treated online?

- Low back pain and Sciatica

- Neck and Upper back pain

- Headaches / Migraines

- Pre/Post-surgery rehabilitation (we can provide you with exercise materials and custom rehab programmes)

- Chronic Pain conditions

- Digestive disorders such as reflux or difficulty in going to the bathroom

- Shoulder and knee pains

- Support for breathing difficulties

- Immunity support (only acupuncture)

- Cough symptoms (only acupuncture)

- Infant colics, digestive problems, torticollis and mild-moderate plagiocephaly (only osteopathy)

* For more information about what conditions our Osteopaths and Acupuncturist can treat please click here.

How do I book an appointment?

- You can book your appointment as normal using our online booking system or by calling our clinic phone 0272288683. 

What is the cost of these treatments?

- Private Acupuncture appointments $50 (1 hour) 

- Private Osteopathy appointments $50 (45 min)

- ACC Osteopathy appointment - FREE

- ACC Acupuncture appointment - TBA still waiting on approval. 

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