Musculoskeletal System


- Neck pain, low back pain, joint pain

- Rib and intercostal pains 

- Headaches / Dizziness / Vertigo

- Sports injuries or accidents, whiplash, muscle strains and tears

- Discopathies (hernia, protrusions)

- Arthritic pain, tendinitis

- Scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, arthrosis

- Postural problems

- Scars

Digestive system

- Gastritis (heartburn, hiatal hernia, reflux)

- Abdominal swelling,

- Acute/chronic colitis

- Constipation / diarrhoea 

Genitourinary system

- Dysmenorrhea 

- Postpartum syndrome

- Menstrual pain

Neurological and Neuro-Vegetative System


- Difficulty sleeping / irritability

- Neuropathies (inflammation of the sciatic nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome)

- Neurological deficits

Circulatory system

- Circulatory problems in the limbs, venous congestion (T.V.P) 

- Lymphatic problems (postoperative swelling)

- Hypertension

Respiratory system

- Asthma, COPD, breathing pains


- ATM (jaw clicks and blocks, meniscal abnormalities, arthritis, Costen Sindrome)

- Malocclusions (1, 2, 3 classes, cross-bite, open bite, dental crowding, diastema)

- Swallowing problems 

- Muscle tension of psycho-emotional origin 

- Local infections, ear infections, congenital torticollis


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